Press Clipping
Drapetomania - Grey Filastine and Nova Ruth

Drapetomania is a music album drawing upon acoustic, pop, and experimental stylings. The album's theme decries xenophobia, and advocates a world that transcends arbitrary borders. In particular, the song "Perbatasan" was inspired by the band's performance at the Calais Jungle migrant camp in France, and was recorded inside the holding cell of a former deportation center. An outspoken call for human compassion, Drapetomania is striking, soul-stirring, and highly recommended. The tracks are "Miner" (4:03), "Blockchainz" (3:29), "Perbatasan" (3:39), "Cleaner" (3:33), "Fenomena" (2:56), "Halcyon" (4:04), "Senescence" (4:11), "Salarymen" (4:28), "Glass Seagulls" (3:47), "Matamata" (4:18), "Chatarreros" (4:23), and "Night X" (2:38).