Press Clipping
Filastine - "The Cleaner (Abandon Part II)" (video) (premiere)

Electronic duo Filastine is comprised of composer/director Grey Filastine and vocalist/designer Nova Ruth. On his many travels, Grey met Nova in Indonesia where she had been performing with a hip-hop group. Joining forces and basing themselves in Barcelona, Filastine specializes in a cinematic brand of electronic music that utilizes many global influences alongside found sounds, percussion, vocals, and acoustic instruments. The result is an irresistibly warm blend of the digital and the analogue that renders their music as meant for the mind as much as the feet. This year Filastine has been working on a series of four video singles, Abandon, representing dances of liberation and today we bring you the second video of the series, “The Cleaner”.

Grey Filastine says, “As with the first video in the series, ‘The Miner’, there are two parts, two escapes in ‘The Cleaner’. The first escape is an ephemeral daydream. She comes back to the practicality of resuming her work, then reaches her epiphany, to commit, and transform daydream into reality. Yet unlike the Miner, who flees the landscape of extraction to find solace in nature, the Cleaner finds peace within herself. Her’s is a meditative, interiorized abandon. This is the most elemental production of the Abandon series, the story that could be told without embellishments or production tricks. I think it’s compelling for its raw urgency. We went to the ends of the earth, Borneo’s coal mines, to make Abandon‘s first episode. ‘The Cleaner’ explores something closer to home, the kind of service work viewers might know more intimately.”

Filastine will be touring Europe, North America and Asia this year, while they have a new album lined up for release on November 9th, which will include the four Abandon series songs.